I want to be "always" of three generations

The taste that my father thinks "This is it!"
The young people taste that even "it is the first time, somehow nostalgic" is even wonderful.
And children smile without thinking purely "tasty!"

In search of such food, We traveled all over Japan.Finally We found the authentic taste was in a long-established store of Chinese noodles, still keeping old-fashioned taste stubbornly.
It was a truly inspiring taste that never betrays the expectations of many people coming from afar.

Stuffing a few years...Telling enthusiasm, talking about taste, talking about dreams, taste of secrecy that was allowed and passed down, further creative ingenuity, finished here.
We will continue to make stubbornly Chinese noodles of unchanged "always".


In-store facilities

26 seats(Counter 10/Table 8/Japanese style 8)

No Smoking. Smoking space outside the store.

Free Wi-Fi is available

Credit cards are available.(VISA、MASTER、AMEX、JCB、Diners)

Electronic moneys are available.

Commitment to food